1. Delivery service will begin two working days after signing the contract.

2. In case the subscriber wishes to change any choice (of food menu, address, telephone or any important data), cease provisional or permanent subscription, the subscriber is required to inform HealthyBar 48 hours prior to the time of the change or cessation of subscription to enable HealthyBar to take the required procedures.

3. HealthyBar will not refund fees, in the case of any specified or unspecified subscription cancellation.

4. The subscriber has the right to transfer his/ her subscription value to another person in case he/she desires to cancel his/her subscription, provided the new subscriber shall undertake to comply with the same conditions.

5. The subscriber has the right to freeze his/her activities provided they do not exceed two weeks before resuming his/ her activities for the Four weeks Subscription and 1 Week Freeze for the 2 Weeks Subscription

6. The unexploited days since the date of subscription will be calculated for the subscriber, in case the provided renewal does not exceed four months.

7. In case the subscriber desires to renew his/her subscription, it shall be done within two days prior to the expiry of the current membership.

8. Kindly be informed that the food delivery service will run from 5:00 am to 11:00 am( Morning delivery) & from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm( Eveningdelivery ). In the case of delivery delays, please call HealthyBar in order for necessary procedures to be taken.

9. In case the customer desires to take the meals at a specified time, please be informed that this service will cost KD 20.00.

10. HealthyBar is not responsible for any customer weight increase or loss, due to differences in the subscriber’s ability to change his/her diet or exercise regime. Therefore, there is no weight increase or loss warranty, particularly in the first two weeks of the subscription.

11. It is the subscriber’s full responsibility to inform all members living in the same household that may be subject to receiving the meals to check the received items and the quality and freshness of the food. After the delivery notice is signed, the meals and its content (including any damaged food or missing items) are No longer HealthyBar’s responsibility.

12. Meals are delivered daily from Saturday to Thursday. Friday is a rest day.

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